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Product / Technologies description

Vetrackr provides tools to capture driving behaviour, vehicle condition, and maintenance records of every car insurance policyholder and driver. Analysed data by artificial intelligent will be shared with insurance companies for the underwriting process. With the use of blockchain technologies, the information provided by VeTrackr could improve the underwriting accuracy, prevent fraud-prone and enable the capture of immutable, trusted, and verifiable information based on digital cryptography.

About us

Company Introduction

VeTrackr is an insurtech startup aiming to turn vehicle data into business opportunities by leveraging insurance telematics capabilities, blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence to collect, analyze and store the data of automotive policyholders. The goal of VeTrackr is to enrich the motor insurance value proposition with a better assessment of risk and premium. This could benefit motor insurance companies, fleet management, and other stakeholders in the motor industry.


VeTrackr is the member company of Incu-App Programme, HKSTP.